• Adults attend weekly classes where they are taught valuable life-changing skills through the © “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” curriculum. Types of abuse are identified as well as the unacceptable behavior in the family, thus bringing change through understanding root issues.  Students also learn about family issues and childhood traumas that have become the root of the anger and abuse.

  • The curriculum helps adults gain life-changing skills in communications, bonding, commitment, stress management, forgiveness, trust, and accepting responsibility.  Skills are also taught in processing feelings of hurt, anger, guilt, shame, and bitterness.  Phase I of the curriculum is presented weekly with separate groups for men and women.  Phase II classes also meet weekly to provide ongoing education and support.  As a Professional Center we also provide classes for teens.

  • Spouse abuse is a serious crime that involves over fifty percent of the population in America today.  There is no place to turn for help in most communities.  Few are able to offer help and hope to the victim, let alone the perpetrator.  Those who do attend learn the reasons for their anger, how to release anger, and learn new behaviors.  Even if there are places for either the victim or the perpetrator to go for help, the © “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” curriculum is designed to deal with root issues of behavior, not merely behavior modification.

  • Domestic violence, spouse abuse, and battering all describe extreme turmoil in the home.  These terms are not limited to physical beatings alone.  Abuse includes: verbal, sexual, emotional, economical, stalking, religious, and silence, to name a few.

  • Clients come from every walk of life. We all have had some sort of trauma in our lives and all want to have better relationships. If you want to move past your childhood wounds and have better relationships in: work, family, friends and community, then this program is for you!

  • You will be enrolled in a program that has been changing lives since 1985.  You will have access to a one-of-a-kind program with over 28 years of experience and expertise.  True, you may encounter new experiences where you will have to stretch yourself and grow to meet those new challenges but with the skills and tools you learn in the program you CAN be successful! Oregon Life Skills Center is here to give you hope and meet your needs!