We have found that as the individual learns the reasons behind certain behaviors, self-esteem will grow.  With the help of a trained facilitator, abusive behaviors are recognized and you will develop a plan to control your actions.  You will learn that since you have value, you can set healthy boundaries in your relationships.  You will develop a protection plan during class which will provide options you may not have recognized before now.


Adult classes are gender specific and held at separate locations from each other, while our teen classes are coed.

We begin a class when we have at least 8 students.

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Women tend to be 90% emotional, 10% sexual whereas men tend to be 90% sexual and 10% emotional. In male female relationships these core areas complement each other, if the person is emotionally healthy. In the “Learning to Live, Learning to Love” program we explore and discuss this and many more relational subjects.


teen testimonies

The following are testimonials from a group of At-Risk middle and high school students after participating in the Freedom Life Skills Youth Program held in Wisconsin through the Northern Ozaukee School District Summer School Program which consisted of 5 weeks, 4 days a week, 3 hours a day equaling 60 hours of class time.

When asked “What have I learned in this class?” and “What changes have I seen in myself/life as a result of this class?”

Andrew:  I learned it’s better to help others. I learned about sex, alcohol and drugs.  I have made new friends in this class. I no longer put people down.

Robert:  I learned that I have to forgive and then I will have less anger.  I think I will be less likely to do drugs to cover my pain.



Today's teens live in a challenging world. Regardless of race, religion, financial status, or family dynamics, being a teen in today's world is difficult, scary, and often painful. Life Skills Teens Program aims to help our youth heal from the past hurts in their life and navigate the rough waters of growing up.  It is our desire to give them the tools which enable them to grow into healthy and mature adults.