Board Members

We are thankful for our board members, and team staff for their dedication to the success of our Life Skills Program

  • Ellen Anthony | Admin. | book keeper | Board Member

    Ellen uses her skills in bookkeeping to add to the board's skill set. She has a keen mind for business and numbers and takes great pride in seeing Life Skills keep in the black. She has years of experience in business and currently works for two non-profits and volunteers in another. The board has moved forward in development with the aid of Ellen's tireless efforts.

  • Terry abbott | life skills board member

    Pastor Terry Abbott and his wife, Janelle, along with their 3 children, Jennifer, Jamie and Jeremy, came to River of Life Assembly in September of 2003.  Pastor Terry has a passion for the gospel in shoe leather.  He wants to see the good news of Jesus Christ walked out in the lives of all who call River of Life Assembly their home church.  His favorite things are fishing, hunting, golf and computers. 


    President :  Servpro of East Clackamas, Hood River & Wasco Counties.   Joel has been in business for 17 years.


In our board and staff members, you will find years of dedicated service and commitment to individuals and families of our community. They love to see people thrive and contribute positively in their families, jobs and communities.


Meet our staff of highly dedicated, motivated and passionate personnel

  • Pam Hughes | Ex. DirECTOR | Women's & Teen's Facilitator

    Pam has a passion to help people live a full and abundant life becoming all they can be. She puts practical application to the many items that need to be taken care of in the day to day operations of Family Life Skills of Oregon. She is Mental Health First Aid Certified for Adults and Youth. She is also one of the Women's facilitators in the Phase I and II programs along with the main facilitator for Teen program.

  • Mike Hughes | Assistant Director | Men's & Teen's Facilitator

    Mike has a desire to see people whole and healthy! Mike brings many years of Human Relations to the Center and we are indeed pleased to have Mike and his expertise at work in HR Family Life Skills Center! Want to know more about this program and how it can help you, your family, work, and or business? Mike would honored to share with you the vision of what Life Skills can do for you. 

  • Ellen Anthony | Admin. Secretary | Asst. Site Manager

    What doesn't Ellen do? She keeps us all on our toes keeping us organized and things running smoothly! She represents the Center at our local community meetings. She LOVES doing what she does and it shows. We are so glad to have Ellen on our team!

  • Julie Sprague | Women's Facilitator

    Julie's love for people and seeing them come to wholeness is evident in all she does. She has compassion for the women she facilitates and leads with integrity.

  • Marnette Sprouse | Women's Facilitator

    Marnette’s own life story and choice to live the truths she has gained through Life Skills, have contributed to her living life as an overcomer today!

    As a facilitator, her passion is to have the courageous women in her classes discover these very same truths.
    Nothing compares to seeing her students begin to unlock the lies that have long held them captive.  Watching as each one begins to walk in freedom, living life fully with the knowledge that each day holds promise and a hope for the future…this is the thrill and joy of being a facilitator for Marnette.

    Marnette has a background and variety of experiences as an educator.  In her current day job, she thrives as a reading assistant, working in a local elementary school.

  • John Garrett | Men's & Teen's Facilitator

    Youth Pastor, Lead Graphic Designer director for HRFLS. John has a passion to see men and teens become free from the bondage's that arrest them limiting their potential in life! John has gone through extensive training to be our Teen Facilitator.

  • Jackie Sturman | Site Director | Family Life Skills of ClaCkamas

    Jackie is our Ellen in the Portland, Oregon area. Diligent, compassionate, and intent on seeing men and women come to wholeness. She keeps the office going and the center in Portland organized and running smoothly!

  • Craig Warneking | Pastor

    Craig has been dedicated to helping people for many years. With over 25 years in the ministry, he was a youth minister, regional youth director, school teacher, private school principal, and presently a pastor. His desire to assist people better their lives is a driving passion.

  • Barbara Riley | Life Skills Facilitator

    Barb has worked in Social Services for over 25 years and is a certified Professional Life Coach.  She moved to the Columbia River Gorge area in 1987 and is a Core member for the Sanctuary Team for Self Sufficiency.  Barb was raised in the South and has experiences much like some of her customers.  She says she feels everything that happens to us is a gift because we can learn so much from the experience that will allow us to help others.  Barb says her heart is full of gratitude for the opportunity to attend the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" course and feels honored and humbled to help share the material with others.

  • Roxanne Waterman | Life Skills Facilitator & Marketing

    As a specialist in comprehensive financial services for individuals and businesses I find the most wealth in individuals, families, and businesses that are open and willing to learn.  This trait is prevalent in all areas of a person’s life.  In contrast to this the people who live “in a box” from a childhood filled with loss, are often timid, shy and unable to make a decision.  These same individuals often vacillate from passive to manipulative behavior which keeps them from thriving.  Many people are slowly dying from a lack of knowledge and the weight of unresolved issues.  As a Life Skills Facilitator I love helping people move from the victim mentality and lifestyle to victorious in their personal, family, and business experiences.  I truly believe anyone who wants to learn can renew and restore their life through the information offered through the “Learning to Live, Learning to Love,” Life Skills program.

  • nancy vanzanten | Life Skills FACILITATOR

    Nancy took the "Learning to Live, Learning to Love" program and her life was completely changed.  She decided that she wanted to help others with their journey of healing.   She has put in the work and training and is now a women's facilitator for  Phase 1 and 2 at the Clackamas, Oregon, Life Skills Center.


Dr. Paul and Judy Hegstrom:

Lived the first forty years of his life not understanding the driving force that caused him to self-destruct again and again.  He could not understand why his anger would never subside. He could not communicate or identify his feelings.  His anger harmed his family, and nothing was ever resolved.  He knew something was wrong, but lived his life in denial.  Over $20,000 was spent on counseling where he was given “labels”. However, it never got to the root of his problem...